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5 common gym mistakes

Hitting the gym is fast becoming a very important part of our lifestyle, but mostly only with the desire to improve the physical appearance. The overall fitness is an important consideration when walking into the gym, which is ignored by many.
5 common gym mistakes

While working out at the gym, a large number of fitness enthusiasts make some very common mistakes which prevent them from reaching their fitness goals. While some of the mistakes committed are minor, many of them can not only hinder progress, but they can also lead to major injuries.

Are you guilty of any of these common workout mistakes at the gym?

Skipping Warm Up: To avoid any injury, your body must absolutely warm up properly so that the muscles can stretch & contract easily. Avoiding warm up can lead to tears and pulls of the muscle. Do some simple joint movements, walk a few minutes on the treadmill or do a set of reps on the machines with less weight.

Giving cool down a miss: When you're finished, make sure to stretch out each major muscle. When you don't stretch, your body loses flexibility which plays an important role in helping you stay injury free and improve your day to day functionality. It also minimizes post exercise muscle soreness by increasing blood flow to the worked areas, which speeds up the healing process.

Imitating other gym members: Don't be fooled by thinking that by copying the workout movements of a fellow gym member with help you get his lean & ripped look. Don't just copy someone when you see them lifting heavy weights or using a certain workout technique. Without knowing someone else fitness goals and copying them blindly could lead to unexpected results or an injury. Discuss your fitness goals with your gym trainer and work towards it. The best solution is to do your homework before you hit the gym and know what is best for your body & your realize your fitness goals

Doing only one or two activity: At the gym, a lot of us assume that by focusing on only one or two activities, we can achieve our overall fitness & well being, like doing only weight training, or only cardio but fitness is all about your body, mind & souls well being and so one should focus on all the aspects by doing weight training, cardio, yoga, functional training . Based on your current status of body, mind, soul, lifestyle & goal of fitness you can decide the variety in your workout program which will enhance your exercise adherence as well.

No Fuel, No Energy: You need some energy to perform physical activity, without which you cannot enhance your performance as well . Having pre workout meal , one hour before workout some small healthy snack suggested by nutritionist will help, with this during workout hydration is also important so having 1 glass of water for 20 mins workout, where you can sip during workout and keep going.


Metro woman says disciplined workout, not diet pill using her picture in ad, led to weight loss

Metro woman says disciplined workout, not diet pill using her picture in ad, led to weight loss

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A metro woman is trying to make dieters aware of what she calls a scam. Her weight loss pictures are being used in online ads for a diet pill she’s never used. She may not be able to legally get the company to stop using it, so now she’s trying to get the word out.

A head-turning figure is what Brandi Wisdom got  after losing 34 pounds in five months.

“You really have to have a disciplined diet, discipline schedule, disciplined workout. It’s a lot of hard work,” Wisdom explained.

She motivated dozens of others to do the same, and became quite popular on social media in the process. That’s why she calls it “dangerous” that several websites selling Garcinia Cambogia claim she got her buffed body from a bottle.

“It was a slap in the face to Hitch Fit, to myself, to everybody who has been through this program,” said Wisdom.

Kansas City’s Hitch Fit gym is where her transformation happened  four years ago. Owner and founder Micah Lacerte has been working for close to a year to get one of the websites to take Brandi’s picture down.

“If their pill was so awesome, why would they be stealing my image to promote it?” Lacerte said.

This past weekend, a woman who took the supplement contacted him, after taking the supplement, not getting the results it promised, and realized she’d been duped.

She came across a YouTube video of Lacerte confronting the company who used Wisdom’s picture, by phone. Lacerte says what’s more disturbing is that there’s no way to know exactly what’s in that supplement.

“What could be in the pill and what’s on the label could be two different things,” said Lacerte.

“It is not your answer. Don’t be scammed, don’t waste your money, do your research,” said Wisdom.

A couple of attorneys have weighed in on the issue, and because the posts are coming from overseas, Hitch Fit may not be able to get the company to stop using Wisdom’s picture.

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How To Talk About Your Workout Routine Without Making Everyone Else Feel Lazy

In the New Year, many of us go after this health and wellness thing in earnest. But since it's a new -- or at least not continuous -- pursuit for so many of us, it can be hard to know how to integrate our new regimes into our well-mannered lives. Enter Mind Your Manners, our just-in-January series on all things health and etiquette.
workout routines to gain muscle

A friend who gets swept up in a new fitness routine is like a friend who is in the honeymoon stage of a relationship. They are SO SO happy, you guys, and just want to share every detail about the way they’ve been spending their free time. Their lives have changed -- and you’re their best audience.

We’ve all done it at some point (or at least know someone who has). In the ‘80s, it was aerobics. The ‘90s, yoga. The ‘00s were about novelty workouts that tried to distract you from working out. Now, it’s boutique studios -- and squats. So many squats.

While you should always be able to talk about your hobby with your pals, we’ve asked Faye de Muyshondt, author and founder of socialsklz:-) for SUCCESS, about navigating the unspoken rules of fitness talk.

How often can you talk about your new workout routine before you reach the "annoying" point?
A mention of a new workout routine is sufficient for starters. It's a great conversation starter and can open the door to further dialogue, but remember that if someone else is interested in the conversation, they'll ask further questions. If not, let it go. You said it, you shared it, but they're not interested in the conversation and take note. Think about things you don't like to talk about -- it might be babies or ailments -- and then imagine someone talking at length about that topic.

Is it acceptable to substitute social interactions with workouts? (For example, a friend who wants you to go to their kickboxing class all the time instead of catching up over coffee or lunch.)
Of course it is, but as long as you know that the person you're asking is into kickboxing or spin class. It can be fun, but remember to be sensitive before inquiring. If you know this person isn't into workouts, don't ask. If there is already a shared interest, absolutely.

What do you say to the oddly competitive people who like to tell you that their workout is better than yours?
IGNORE and switch the subject! It's not worth the effort. Some of these workouts can become cult-like and ultimately a lot has to do with personal preference!

Is a "sweat selfie" ever OK?
Think about the end result. Put yourself in the viewers' shoes AND take a moment to think about who your viewers are. If you saw my "sweat selfie" on Facebook, what would you think? Are you okay with someone else's mental image of you being a sweaty one? If yes, go for it!

What about posting progress shots on Instagram/Facebook/etc.?
Everything in moderation, right? So if you want to post a status update on your progress sporadically, fine, but moderation is key. Also, give some thought to what the progress shot is. Your scale? A photo of you at the gym scantily clad? A simple photo of you (dressed) with a notable weight difference? Your abs? A rear shot? And also ask, "Is a photo really necessary?" before you post. Ask someone else's opinion.

What about the friends who are perpetually forwarding unsolicited workout "advice" or constantly repinning "fitspiration" on Pinterest?
The great thing about all of our social media outlets is that we can simply press "unfollow" and not have to be persistently faced with a barrage of advice and whatnot. Rather than commenting or questioning, IGNORE!

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